"Sparkling Heart" mini card set
"Sparkling Heart" mini card set
"Sparkling Heart" mini card set
"Sparkling Heart" mini card set
"Sparkling Heart" mini card set

"Sparkling Heart" mini card set

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A set of mini cards that can be easily used


○Card: 8cm x 8cm

○Envelope: 9cm x 9cm

A set of 5 bifold cards x 5 envelopes.

The inside of the card is blank

Made of cotton paper with a gentle texture

it's finished

Titled "Sparkling Heart"

this design

Everyone has something that shines,

It has the meaning of

It was a great passion,

It was an overflowing love,

Feeling excited,

My heart is pounding,

I was filled with happiness,

I was so moved that I was shocked.

From something as small as a diamond in the rough

It's like my aura is overflowing

Even things with great power,

Although the shape differs from person to person,

Everyone is different and everyone is wonderful

Including all that glitter

be you

It's your LOVE!

Make that LOVE shine even more

Spread it to everyone!

This card was created with the idea that

With the feeling of sharing a little LOVE with you

For a small present or bouquet

Recommended for use with