L❤︎VE Tote
L❤︎VE Tote
L❤︎VE Tote
L❤︎VE Tote

L❤︎VE Tote

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L❤︎VE tote bag


○Width: 48cm

○Height: 40cm

○gusset: 15cm

Material: 12oz cotton

Among asugatic's "L❤︎VE" logo series,

Using the original monochrome logo

this tote bag

The striped pattern of ❤︎

May all people be equal,

I wish that

Horizontal, straight, crisp lines

Any color is fine,

It doesn't need to have an edge or not.

No one's heart belongs to just that person.

It's not something that person created alone.

There's someone who loves you

there's someone you love

your heart is

From various factors of various people

I think it's made up.

And anyone in the world

I guess it's the same for everyone

I wanted to convey that,

I made this L ❤︎ VE tote bag

The title of the bag is


Fill this bag with lots of love,

Please go to various places!

Made of thick 12oz cotton

Because it is done,

No problem even with slightly heavy luggage!

It has a large gusset and large capacity, so

Ample size for short trips

Of course, daily shopping and

Also for Diaper Bag

L❤︎VE tote bag, your daily life

May you be even happier!