Flat Pouch “Dancing HEARTs” _ Black and White
Flat Pouch “Dancing HEARTs” _ Black and White
Flat Pouch “Dancing HEARTs” _ Black and White
Flat Pouch “Dancing HEARTs” _ Black and White

Flat Pouch “Dancing HEARTs” _ Black and White

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A flat pouch that is easy to carry in your bag


○Width: 20.5cm

○Height: 12cm

○The opening of the chuck part is approximately 18.5cm.

With a moist texture that fits comfortably in your hands.

Made of synthetic leather

The inside of the pouch is smooth

black satin fabric

As a makeup pouch,

As a pencil case

Instead of a small wallet

Can be used for various purposes

Insert a portable game console

mobile battery, earphones,

enter the code

It is also recommended for organizing small items.

Insert your passport, cards, and foreign bills.

Can also be used as a travel pouch

It's flat so it's not bulky and easy to use!

Full of heart but not too sweet

Monochrome design for adult women

Not a repeat pattern

Place the hearts one by one by hand

Because the design was created

Each heart is making its own statement!

Girls have a ladylike side.

There are strong sides and weak sides...

Show different faces in different directions

All those hearts come together and dance

Try spinning around and posing.

It doesn't matter what direction you're facing,

Because you are you;

Because you definitely have a wonderful heart.

This is a heart-filled design that I want to convey to all girls.